Optez pour une immatriculation simple et rapide ! Avec un simple permis mer Pas de limites de distances de navigation

Pavillon Néerlandais : L'immatriculation aux Pays-Bas s'adresse à tous les ressortissants de l'Union Européenne, sans obligation de domicile en Hollande.
Dutch flag : the registration of boats in the Netherlands is open to all citizens of any EU member state. Also, there is no obligation of residency in the Netherlands.

updated 11.12.2018

Since July 2018, the ICP (International Craft Pleasure) is no longer recognized by European authorities as the title of navigation.

This document has become obsolete for navigating in territorial and international maritime waters.

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updated 12.07.2018
Information importante :

WARNING : Since the end of June, the Dutch rules and the registration application have changed, we have to review all request on hold which made a significant delay.
Any pending request will be processed.

New applications will be subject to a pre-treatment study.
The service is currently overloaded, thank you to contact us exclusively by email at contact@pavillon-hollandais.com from 18/07/2018.
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On board, the law of the flag applies.
Flying Dutch Flag, the Dutch regulation applies.

This offers many advantages which include :

* A boating license is sufficient, whatever your distance from shelter

(required only for boats > 15m or possible speed >20 km/h – 10.8 knots)

* There is no nautical limits,

* You can adapt freely your security equipment


The registration process is fast and simple for : new boats, serial boats, imported boats, amateur boats, opportunity boats (already registered or pending registration) and old boats registered to the commercial registry.
Flying Dutch flag is particularly adapted to AMATEUR building !


Latest info : from 2016, annual fees for the radio license