Guide to registration

Documents required

Please return the registration form filled along with the following documents:


1. For a physical person (individual): copy of valid identity document (identity card or passport)
or a legal entity (company or association): extract of registration of the company in the commercial register (or receipt of declaration of establishment of association + copy of the Articles) and copy of the identity document of legal representative

2. mandate , (see model)

3.Title deed (invoice or bill of sale, proof of ownership), translation in English required (We can take care of it for any ordinary bill of sale)

4. The cancellation of previous boat registry if already registered (1)

5. The copy of the EC declaration of conformity for boats built after 1998 and for the jetskis built after 2006

6. the payment of the fees per bank transfer
(IBAN: FR 76 3004 7142 8400 0200 1880 106 BIC code : CMCIFRPP)


In addition, according to your case :

CAS n°1 Construction Amateur : (built by yourself for recreational use only)

• certificate of insurance (check that it is clearly written that the hull is amateur built)


CAS n°2 BOAT OF IMPORT (origin: outside EC, whatever the date of construction of the boat)

• EC declaration of conformity

• Certificate of payment of the VAT


Your complete file is to be sent to :

VGD – Registration Service

636 Avenue de L’Océan – 17400 TERNANT- France


OR register your boat on-line, section REGISTER YOUR BOAT


All requested documentation to be provided can be copies


(1) If your boat has already been registered under another flag, you have to get the cancellation of the previous registry from the corresponding authorities.

(2) The EC declaration of conformity (directive 94/25/EC) is required for all boats built in Europe after 1998. This document is issued by the builder and must be passed on to the owner of the boat during the acquisition then given to all successive owners. This document is also required for all jet skis put on the European market beginning January 1st, 2006.This is a special document on which the serial number of the Jet Ski is mentioned.

Contact us for any assistance need.